Cleanse & Detox

We offer a number of detox programs to help you feel your best.

28-Day Cleanse

Our 28 Day Cleanse is an intensive regimen combining our Vitagenis line of supplements with our specialized elimination/modification diet. This program effectively purifies the body and promotes proper system function and more efficient cellular operation. It is generally recommended that we cleanse our bodies at least twice a year – relieving our systems of harmful toxins which have accumulated in our livers and intestines from our diets and other lifestyle factors. Going too long without a healthy cleanse can lead to damaging conditions, such as chronic inflammation and other chronic diseases. Because the success of the program requires full commitment, patients will receive consultations at the beginning and end of the program, as well as phone and email support in between to keep you motivated.


What is Included

4 Bottles of Cleanse Support
Fish Oil
Elimination Diet

Initial Consult
Phone Meeting (middle of program)
Final Consult
1 BIA  * BIA only offered for clients that are personally seen

Additional Services

Foot Bath Services
Infrared Sauna