Why Cleanse Regularly?

We recommend cleansing your system at least twice each year to remove waste, relieving our systems of harmful toxins that accumulate in our livers and intestines from our diets and other lifestyle factors.

Going too long without a healthy cleanse can lead to dangerous conditions, such as chronic inflammation and other chronic diseases. Because the program’s success requires a full commitment, clients will receive a consultation at the beginning and end of the program and phone and email support in between to keep you motivated.

What to Expect

Our GI Cleanse is an intensive regimen combining our Vitagenis line of supplements with our specialized elimination/modification diet. This program effectively purifies the body and promotes proper system function for more efficient cellular operation.

Regular cleanses support healthy blood sugar levels, balance your hormones, heal your GI tract, strengthen the immune system, support healthy organs, help you cope with stress, replenish antioxidants, slow the effects of aging, enhance elimination, boost weight loss, and flush out your lymphatic system. 

What’s Included?

28-Day GI Cleanse Includes:

  • Cleanse Support (4 bottles)
  • OmegaPure (1 bottle)
  • Pre-cleanse consultation 
  • BIA (for in-person clients only)
  • Elimination Diet plan
  • Email support for the duration of the cleanse
  • 2-week post-cleanse follow-up appointment


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28-Day Gastrointestinal Cleanse Program

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