Fertility Cleanse

When you are preparing for conception, this is one of the most important times to create a healthy body. 

A Fertility cleanse should be focused on:

  • Cleaning out the lymphatic system and removing toxins
  • Helping the body clear excess toxins and hormones
  • Cleaning the uterus of old stagnant blood and increase circulation

Why Detox?

A healthy, fully functional body is never more vital than when you are preparing for conception. The best way to prepare for fertility treatment and to provide the best opportunity for conception is to eliminate waste and toxicity from your body. Toxins are the main reason behind polycystic ovaries syndrome (PCOS), painful periods, bloating, and infertility

A fertility detox allows your body to “reset” to its healthiest possible state. Detox focuses on three areas: your lymphatic system, your uterus, and your liver.


When your lymphatic system is not functioning optimally, you are prone to hormonal imbalances and infection which can affect your fertility. If they lymphatic system is not draining properly it can lead to and infection and inflammation within the body.


The liver helps filter toxins from the body. If there is an overload of these hormones, or the liver is not functioning properly, then you will have a “back up” in the liver, allowing the toxins and hormones to recirculate into your system.


Every cycle the uterus is supposed to release the lining that was built the month before for the embryo to implant. In some cases, the uterus is not completely cleansed during the cycle, so old stagnant blood remains.

14 Day Fertility Cleanse

14 Day Fertility Cleanse Program that helps to detoxify your body to help your prepare for your fertility journey.

The first days of your 14- Day Program may be challenging however, your effort will be rewarded. Although you will need to avoid many foods and beverages you are accustomed to having daily, you will likely discover palate-pleasing favors and textures among alternate foods. You will need enjoy the convenience of functional food “shakes” with your program.

Benefits of the 14-Day Fertility Cleanse:

  • Lowers Inflammation in the body
  • Reduces insulin and leptin, hormones both limiting fertility
  • Helps lower blood sugar within the normal ranges
  • Supports the liver in detoxification of excess hormones and toxins
  • Assists the uterus in cleanse out of old blood
  • Promotes normal circulation to the reproductive system for optimal health.
  • Works with the menstrual cycle for optimal cleansing