Fertility Services

The journey to a healthy pregnancy begins with a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition, and proper control of any chronic medical conditions. For many patients these goals are often hard to reach alone. The Fertility Wellness Program guides patients on their journey to better reproductive health. Through diet, exercise, and lifestyle counseling, the program is designed to enhance fertility, weight loss, metabolic function, aerobic capacity, flexibility, strength, and stamina. By boosting overall wellness, patients can improve future fertility and pregnancy outcomes.

Why you need a Fertility Wellness Program?

There are certain elements in our body which once corrected can optimize health and improve the chances of conception. The Lisanne Wellness Center offers several fertility programs to give you a better chance of conceiving while enriching your health. We believe that the path to wellness should incorporate education, emotional support, supplements, relaxation, detoxification and a caring staff to tend to your personal needs.