Fertility Wellness

Our Fertility Wellness Program guides patients on their journey to better reproductive health through diet, exercise, lifestyle counseling, and specialized services to support fertility.

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Fertility Wellness

The journey to a safe and healthy pregnancy begins with a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, and quality care of chronic medical conditions. Many patients find it difficult to achieve these goals on their own.

The Fertility Wellness Program guides patients on their journey to better reproductive health. Through diet, exercise, and lifestyle counseling, the program is designed to promote fertility, weight loss, metabolic function, aerobic capacity, flexibility, strength, and stamina.

Patients can improve their future fertility and pregnancy outcomes by optimizing their general wellbeing.

Why You Need a Fertility Wellness Program

There are certain elements in our bodies that, once corrected, can optimize health and improve the chances of conception.

The Lisanne Wellness Center offers several fertility programs to give you a better chance of conceiving while enriching your health. We believe that the path to wellness should incorporate education, emotional support, supplements, relaxation, detoxification, and caring staff to tend to your personal needs.

Conception Cleanse

Preparing your body’s reproductive organs for conception and implantation can go a long way toward helping you build a family.

Why Detox When Trying to Get Pregnant?

When you’re struggling with infertility, it’s critical to do everything you can to improve your chances of getting pregnant. A fertility cleanse is one of the most effective ways to prepare your body for pregnancy by restoring your reproductive organs to their healthiest and most efficient form.

A major contributing factor to polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), painful periods, bloating, and infertility is a buildup of toxins in the reproductive organs. Flushing toxins and stagnant blood from your reproductive organs can create the best possible environment for an embryo and future baby.


Lisanne Wellness Center offers both a 14-day and a 28-day preconception cleanse.

If your infertility treatment schedule allows for the time before implantation, we recommend a 28-day cleanse. If not, we recommend the 14-day cleanse.

Our preconception cleanses include a modified elimination diet, a detox to cleanse your reproductive organs, and personalized coaching to keep you healthy and on track.

The First Days

The first few days of your cleanse may be challenging as your body takes time to adjust. But, your efforts will be rewarded. While you may miss some of your favorite foods and beverages that need to be avoided during the process, many people discover new favorites they would never have tried prior to the cleanse.

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At Lisanne Wellness Center we know that everyone is not the same. We focus on customize plans to get you on the path for your optimal health.

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