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The Pathway to Optimal Health

Lisanne Wellness Center Pathway to optimal health, helps you overcome your struggles and FIND solutions!

LWC utilizes functional medicine to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients/clients. 

Our approach combines evidence based research and the experience from the best clinicians and practitioners in the healing arts.

Since inflammation is at the root of all the lifestyle and diseases, we work with you to find out how your cells function at the fundamental level by looking at the root cause(s). Balance within the body, typically follows function.

Functional Medicine is a treatment plan that focuses on optimal functioning of the body. It is cutting edge and is able to take advantage of the latest research and discoveries.

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We treat the root of the problem

Here at Lisanne Wellness Center we work to treat the root of the problem not just the symptoms.

We believe you deserve the best possible care, which is why we take the time to get to know you while customizing a treatment plan to help improve your health. Our clinic is backed with a Functional Medicine Doctor who has 16 years’ experience along with wellness coordinators who are passionate about health and wellness.

We have experience with working with patients who have gastrointestinal, autoimmune, hormones, brain, genetics, and fertility issues. Here we teach you to listen to your body and learn what works best for you. We strive to provide the best quality of while trying to achieve optimal health.

Our services



·        SIBO
·        Leaky Gut
·        Irritable Bowel Syndrome
·        Food Sensitivity/Food Allergies
·        Acid Reflux
·        Crohn’s / Colitis
·        Chronic Constipation / Diarrhea
·        Wheat auto-immunity 
·        Bloating
·        Fatty Liver



·        Fatigue 
·        Brain Fog 
·        Insomnia 
·        Pain 
·        Hashitmotos 
·        Rheumatoid Arthritis 
·        Rash / Skin Conditions



·        Menopause 
·        Weight Management 
·        Adrenal / Cortisol Issues 
·        PCOS / Ovarian Cysts 
·        Insulin Resistance 
·        Hair Loss 
·        Infertility


Brain health

·        Memory Loss 
·        Depression
·        Anxiety
·        Fatigue 
·        Migraines / Headaches 
·        Sleep Disorders



·        Autoimmune Disorders 
·        MTHFR / Genetic Mutation 
·        Detoxification 
·        Nutrigenomics 
·        Mitochondrial Diseases 
·        Dementia Prevention

Spermatozoids and human egg on blue background


·        Stress Reductions
·        Anovulation
·        PCOS / Insulin Resistance
·        Endometriosis
·        Egg Quality
·        Blood Flow
·        Endometrial lining
·        Miscarriages
·        Low Testosterone
·        Libido
·        Sperm Enhancement

The path for your optimal health start TODAY.

Schedule a consultation with one of our Wellness Specialists at Lisanne Wellness Center.

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