Your endocrine system plays an important role in producing a collection of glands that help to produce hormones. Hormones are extremely essential to the body. They help in regulating metabolism, growth, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, and mood. Even just a slight hormone imbalance can cause major disruption in the body. Symptoms of hormone imbalances include, menopause, PCOS, infertility, and hair loss to name a few. It is important to seek help in managing your hormones so that your body to get back to a normal state.

Here at Lisanne Wellness Center we work with patients to help manage their hormones, whether that be with nutrition, vitamins, special testing, or our wellness services. Let us help you today.


• Menopause
• Weight Management
• Adrenal / Cortisol Issues
• PCOS / Ovarian Cysts
• Insulin Resistance
• Hair Loss
• Infertility

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