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Immune System!

ImmuneFlam Duo

Protect your immune system during this pandemic with our special bundle.

Want to know how to help protect your immune system during this pandemic?

Your Defense is Here

Our Vitagenis ImmuneFlam Defense package is here for you! Our immune system is our bodys number one defence mechanism to fight off harmful pathogens and antigens like bacteria and viruses.

At these uncertain times, there are things that you can take to support your immune health. Vitagenis has formulated the ImmuneFlam powder and spray to help keep you feeling great and your body healthy.

The ImmuneFlam powder and spray are whole food colostrum collected within 24 hours after birthing. Colostrum is responsible for turning on the immune system and giving our bodies a jump start to good health. The Vitagenis Immune powder and spray are both free from gluten, soy, artificial colors and sweeteners.

Additional health benefits

  • Help build and keep a strong immune systems
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Improve Gut health
  • Help the body fight off infections
  • Promote ligament and muscle healing

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