Male Fertility Support


Cleanse: Cleanses are a great way to restore health in men struggling with weight management, insulin resistance, and hormonal imbalance. Men experiencing fertility troubles may benefit from a cleanse as they are shown to support detoxification processes that release toxins to better support healthy sperm production and function.

LLLT: The Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) laser treatment is designed to support the body against age-related fertility issues. This program is designed for men with sperm abnormalities. LLLT encourages energy production to support efficient sperm motility.

Omega Test Kit: Essential fatty acids are crucial for optimal reproductive health. Our easy-to-use Omega 3 Test Kit can help you maintain the correct EFA balance by giving you a reference point as to what nutritional and Omega-3 supplementation you may need to restore your EFA balance and attain the recommended 3:1 omega-3 to 6 ratios.

Insulin Resistance: Combat the effects of insulin resistance to support metabolic and fertility health. You can support optimal fertility by combating the effects of insulin resistance. This includes supporting healthy glucose, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels, as well as healthy energy levels and body composition.

Vitamins (Male) (should this go to the Vitagenis page?)

Male Vitamins: Vitagenis Male Vitamins support optimal fertility health in men. Our Male Vitamin formula supports antioxidant activity that helps to protect sperm against damage from oxidative stress triggered by oxygen free radicals. This supports healthy sperm concentrations, quality, and motility, including forward and total movement.

Lymph Balance: Lymph Balance is a powerful supplement designed to support a healthy functioning lymphatic and immune system. Our formula supports healthy lymphatic drainage and circulation, as well as antioxidant activity and toxin filtration. These benefits support male fertility and sperm quality to better support a positive conception rate.

OmegaPure: OmegaPure Rx is a pure, highly concentrated fish oil supplement that supports cardiovascular, cognitive, and joint health and central nervous system function. Our formula provides beneficial essential fatty acids that support healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels. OmegaPure supports metabolic and fertility health in men to better support sperm quality, quantity, and motility.

Vitamin D: For men, low levels of vitamin D can lead to erectile dysfunction. Our potent vitamin D supplement, Activ D3K2, is formulated with a highly bioavailable and bioactive form of supplemental vitamin D3 and vitamin K2. Our formula supports healthy vitamin D levels to better support male fertility.

CoQ10: Ova Balance delivers a quality source of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). CoQ10 is a potent antioxidant that supports healthy energy production and organ function and may protect tissues against damage triggered by oxidative stress. Ova Balance is designed to support male fertility, including healthy sperm morphology, function, and motility, and energy and stamina.

Nitric Balance: Nitric Balance is an advanced formulation that delivers specific ingredients that are known to positively affect NOS (nitric oxide synthase) activity and intracellular energy production. This formula supports a healthy neurovascular system and cognitive function, while supporting cellular energy production and metabolic endurance. These benefits support optimal male fertility, including sperm morphology, concentrations, and motility.


Preconception Cleanses: Reset your body with one of our preconception cleanse and detox services. We specifically designed these to support optimal fertility health, restore your body’s natural balance, and get your body ready for conception. Our cleanses combine high-quality products, nutrients, and a fertility-focused diet to support hormonal balance, a healthy functioning reproductive, digestive, and immune system, and embryo development.

Fertility Vitamins: Support your body’s nutritional needs with natural vitamins that help to promote optimal health. Our Prenatal Support formula delivers essential vitamins and minerals that support healthy conception and pregnancy.

Fertility Nutrition: A balanced diet that provides beneficial nutrients plays a key role in health and fertility wellness. Eating a nutrient-dense diet to support your fertility health can better support conception and a healthy pregnancy as the body’s nutritional needs switch to high demand.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture is a holistic medicinal approach that’s designed to support fertility health by improving circulation and blood supply to reproductive organs. Acupuncture is known to support hormonal balance, egg quantity and quality, and positive outcomes with the egg retrieval cycle.

Endo Balance: Endo Balance delivers an optimal ratio of a high-quality essential oil blend that benefits the body by supporting balance and a healthy appearance. This blend may support reductions in anxiety and daily stress to better support healthy mood.

LLLT: Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a laser treatment service that’s spread over 4-12 weeks, designed to support the body against age-related fertility issues. LLLT supports healthy conception in women over the age of 38 and those who have experienced failed IVF cycles. Our laser therapy also supports fertility healthy, blood circulation to the reproductive system, and egg quality.

(Prep for Conception) (Once it is available): This unique program is a one-of-a-kind 2-week video series on proactive ways to support individuals on their journey to fertility health. Prep for Conception offers guidance on factors that may be affecting fertility, including nutrition, glycemic index, weight, BMI, inflammation, and stress to name a few.

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