Infrared Sauna

This customizable Full Spectrum infrared Sauna, by Sunlight is great for people who have been diagnosed with certain diseases and for those that want to reach their optimal health goals.

About Infrared Sauna

Lisanne Wellness Center’s state of the art Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna penetrates the sking tissues deeper then a conventional sauna which only hits the surface. Our infrared sauna has 6 pre-programmed sessions, which include:

1. Cardiovascular
2. Weightloss
3. Detoxification
4. Pain Relief
5. Skin Rejuvenation
6. Anti-aging

Benefits of the Infrared Sauna

• Detoxification
• Weight Loss
• Cellulite Reduction
• Pain Relief
• Stress Relief
• Wound Healing
• Blood Pressure Reduction

1 Session


4 Sessions


8 Sessions