A Healthier Lymphatic System Equals a Stronger, More Fertile You!

Every day you encounter toxins in the air, water, foods, and cleaning products that you use. There is no way to avoid them ALL. The body is designed to flush those toxins out and away, but what happens when that system breaks down or is too overloaded?

Your lymphatic system is the backbone of your immune system. It works like a “cleaning system” to rid your body of toxins and waste. The tonsils, adenoids, spleen, liver, and thymus make up the lymphatic system.

We constantly encounter harmful toxins that stress our lymphatic system. These stresses cause the lymphatic system to become inefficient. This can result in health conditions such as chronic inflammation, allergies, and hormone imbalances. All of these can dramatically reduce your probability of enjoying a successful conception and pregnancy.

Boosting and cleansing your lymphatic system may help you experience a measurable improvement in your overall health. Best of all, you will be giving your body the best chance of success with fertility treatment.

An optimally functioning lymphatic system boosts the efficiency of your lymph nodes. Your body contains hundreds of these small bean-shaped nodes. They fight infections by filtering out toxins from your lymphatic fluid. They also circulate white blood cells which kill infectious invaders. Boosting the lymphatic system helps to keep the entire immune system fighting fit.

What Can You Do to Facilitate Peak Lymphatic Function?

Here are several easy-to-follow ways to reset your lymphatic system:

  • Stay hydrated. Your body must be hydrated to flush toxins out of the system. Aim to consume at least 8 tall glasses of water daily. If plain water is too boring, try adding a wedge of cucumber or a squeeze of citrus to it. You can also add a stir-in to your water such as Hydrate, which gives it an electrolyte boost, supplies trace minerals, and vitamins, and makes your water taste great.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes. Tight clothing including underwire bras and skinny jeans restrict blood circulation within the lymphatic system. A blocked lymphatic system collects toxins and cannot flush them away. This makes you feel tired, sick, moody, and inattentive.
  • Boost your nutrition. Adding raw and nutrient-rich foods to your daily meals will support a healthy lymphatic system. The vitamins, minerals, fiber, and hydration from these foods enhance its ability to eliminate toxins. Eat leafy green vegetables, nuts, low-sugar fruits, chia seeds, and avocados to boost your lymphatic system.
  • Supplement Incorporate Lymph Balance into your lymph-care routine. This natural supplement helps to boost the efficiency of your lymphatic system and encourages lymph drainage.

An All-Natural Supplement for a Stronger Lymphatic System 

Robust Immune System Through Efficient Lymphatic Drainage
Lymph Balance may assist in improving your immune response to colds, infections, and viral attacks. It can help decrease headaches and may boost fertility. It does so by helping your lymphatic system eliminate toxins from your body.   

More Energy Through Efficient Glucose Metabolism
Regular supplementation can help your body break down carbohydrates and maintain blood sugar more efficiently. This keeps the key organs well-fed and functioning at their peak so you’ll find it easier to stay active throughout the day.   

Improved Antioxidant Activity
We have optimized Lymph Balance so that it increases antioxidant activity in your body. This helps you to fend off and remove harmful toxins that you encounter daily.    

Better Heart Health and Improved Circulation
Lymph Balance may assist with improving blood and oxygen circulation throughout your body. Better circulation is directly responsible for keeping your heart and lungs in top working order so you experience more energy and greater endurance.

Disclaimer: While our customers have reported experiencing these benefits, they are not verified by the FDA. Always consult a medical doctor before modifying your diet, using any new product, drug, supplement, or doing any new exercises.