Mind & Body Program

When you are trying to conceive, and it isn’t happening, there are challenges on many levels. This program will optimize your efforts to conceive by giving you tools to reduce stress and anxiety, release those fearful thoughts that trigger the stress response in your body.

Some of the benefits of incorporating acupuncture with your fertility cycle include:

Lisanne Wellness Center is thrilled to offer The Fertile Mind Body Program™.

This six-week course aims to improve your emotional and mental wellbeing while experience infertility.  According to a recent study in Fertility and Sterility, women who participate in a mind/body program while undergoing IVF have a significantly higher pregnancy rate than those who do not (52% vs. 20%).

The Fertile Mind Body Program™
is hosted by Michelle Galatoire who experienced infertility herself, and struggled with her own challenges and obstacles on her fertility journey. Michelle’s spent years gathering and learning stress management techniques and healing modalities to release the stress, anxiety and fears that are so common to the infertility experience.  Inspired to help other women going through this challenge, she has now helped thousands of women who are going through the same thing. Michelle works with individuals and in group settings, supporting women in navigating the challenges of infertility and works alongside  her clients to help them find peace and hope even while trying to conceive.

This 6 week course provides you useful and practical tools for coping with the daily stresses and challenges that often come with infertility. During this 6 week program we will teach you strategies to bring a sense of control in your life and how to turn down the constant stream of thoughts that create anxiety and depression. You will learn techniques to release both your physical and emotional stress, feel relaxed, and trust your inner wisdom so you can make decisions with ease and clarity.

About Michelle

Michelle Galatoire, author, Fertility Coach and Self Care Guide is gifted in creating space for women to uncover their truest self and conceive their dreams through nourishment and nurturing of mind, body and spirit. She works with women struggling with infertility, and moms desiring a more fertile life and work balance. She has guided hundreds of women to create the family, life and heart-centered business they desire. She supports women through private coaching, group programs and writing.

Main Topics Covered in This Course

Topic 1

Using Meditation to Enhance Your Fertility

Topic 2

How to Manage Your Mind - Stop that Monkey Mind!

Session 3

Practice Essential
Self-Care for Fertility

Session 4

The Power of Journaling. Write to Release!

Session 5

How to “Clear Out the Clutter” – Dissolve the Emotional Static that Stress Creates

Session 6

Learning to Trust Your Body’s Innate Wisdom

Benefits You Will Experience

· Alleviate stress, reduce anxiety and fear-based thoughts

· Release negative emotions and limiting beliefs

· Reframe your self-image and restore your confidence and hope

· Set realistic goals and achieve them quickly and with more ease

· End procrastination and self-sabotage which supports wise decisions

· Restore your health, energy, and enthusiasm for life

· Decrease feelings of isolation and build supportive relationships

· Define and fulfill personal desires that have been put on hold for fertility

· Learn simple techniques and strategies you can use daily

· Embrace the growth and self-discovery that often accompany fertility treatment and conception planning

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