Weight Loss

10,000 Steps Per Day

Does 10,000 Steps Per Day Really Matter?

So, you’ve bought your shiny new fitness tracker and you’re ready to crush that weight-loss goal. Your fitness tracker is already set to 10,000 steps, so that’s your goal. 10,000 steps seem like a reasonable number, and every fitness magazine...

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8 Healthy Breakfast Foods For Losing Weight

Starting out on a weight loss journey can sometimes feel like driving through a new country without a map (or GPS… or a single clue where you are.) There are hundreds of diets out there and thousands of varying pieces...

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5 Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight

If you’re unable to lose weight after years of trying, it’s natural to become frustrated. But the inability to lose weight is just the tip of the iceberg; you’re not seeing the real reasons behind your weight gain that lie...

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How to Improve Metabolism to Lose weight

You may have come across the term metabolic rate. It’s something that is constantly active in your body, whether you’re sleeping, sitting, or dancing. Your metabolic rate determines how well you can burn calories to produce heat in your body...

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